The revolution is born

Series of work with video and installation made at “Basiskamp Entre Nous”
Met dank aan KiK, Mondriaan Fonds, Edwin Stolk

“The Revolution is born outside the bastion” PerformanceMVI_8952.MOV_000297941 - kopieMVI_8954.MOV_000026696 - kopieMVI_0614.MOV_000024639 - kopie


I gathered the coats of the native Drenthe longhaired heather sheep from the sheepsherd in Westerveld. Devaluated by the cheap import wool, the sheering costs more than the wool sells for and the coats are shorn to pieces. I bought the coats of 300 sheep. Some of these I felted into a bed, using a Hesco cloth as motherfleece and felting by walking cirkels around the camp.


“The revolution is born when we repropriate” Installation

22221795_482295348799025_2795775984629943988_nIMG_8925 - kopie_MG_0598 - kopie
IMG_8967 - kopieThe rest of the fleeces got washed, rinsed, hanged and laid down to dry as part of a ritual of refertilization. Making use of the army structures and Hesco steel to give value to the devaluated wool, give nutrients to the dried soil, rehumanizing these materials.

Installation photo 1 & 2 door Hristina Tasheva

“The revolution is born when we get together”
A 120 km cycletour around the borders of the municipality of Westerveld, a photoseries of local economy. Theses about the everyday events that can spark revolution and the everyday actions of revolutionary praxis.

IMG_8900 - kopieIMG_8895 - kopie
“The revolution is born at the obstacle”
A series of stencils, completed by handwriting. The revolution is born – at every closed border, in the deep pockets of the rich, over a shared meal.
The revolution took ground in the camp and fellow artists expressed themselves using the army stuctures as canvas.
Entre_Nous_Reinsma_blog_3_1_0But not to the liking of the organizing sturctures. Erased with Hesco-coloured paint.

Entre_Nous_Reinsma_blog_3_3But not all of them