On the Road



Title: On the Road
Materials: Printed vinyl, plastic, marker
Installation view Nieuwe Vide 2017

The work ‘On The Road’ shows a map of the road trips across the USA that feature in Jack Kerouac’s book ‘On the Road’, if they were to have taken place in Europe. Here, the destination of San Fransisco is Amsterdam and New York is located between tiny Russian villages. A view from Europe on this route shows it’s immense distances, and raises questions about borders. The Europe-route spans into Asia covering 20 countries and crossing a border 36 times, most of which are now officially closed borders for immigrants. On many inter-European borders stand the fences, walls and patrols erected in the last years. The EU-Turkey deal of March 2016 hermetically closed all European borders north of Greece for refugees wishing to cross the border to seek asylum. Visitors of Nieuwe Vide find the map in their way for them to cross South to North, moving from one country to the next. Which raises the question, who gets to cross borders?

January 28th – March 5th 2017, Nieuwe Vide, Minckelersweg 6, Haarlem The Netherlands