De Wandeling

I am insanely happy to be involved in making De Wandeling happen. De Wandeling is the artwork of an entire city. It is a location in the making where humanity and nature are placed central and where community-level organizing makes all citizens involved in the creation. It will be set up as on 7200m2 in the citypark and have several accomodations for opportunities for all sorts of communal meeting and activities.

De Wandeling is set on being a place that is socially inclusive and that unites diverse social and cultural groups. The main feat in doing so is to function without money entirely. breaking this social barrier completely. The only way to accomplish this is large scale creative collaboration using completely sustainable methods. Which is in tune with the second aim: to propel forwards non-capitalist ways of sustaining our lives and each other. There will be daily activities are on creating sustainable systems, exchanging knowledge, permaculture and creating and sharing free meals.

The basis for the functioning of De Wandeling is everyone’s involvement. Everyone can join without prequisit, even without sceduling, by just walking in. The organization is flat without hierarchy and made up from bodies of people that are autonomous in their own realm that come together in a consent-based decision making for interdisciplinary topics.

We designed the De Wandeling buildings for methods that are DIY-able and materials that are otherwise waisted. This means really anyone can participate in the construction. The facilities likewise so, with rocket stove mass heaters, helofytefilters and compost toilets.

De Wandeling is an initiative unmatched in it’s dimensions and nature for The Netherlands, perhaps even the world: without any money involved, socially inclussive, communal organizing and aiming at hundreds of people a day. Let’s stop capitalizing the value of humans and nature!
We’ve been working on it since 2014 and at the start of 2017 official permission from the local politics (college+council) came through. We got the permit in the pocket and are slowly making a start.

See all the plans on
(only in Dutch, but, pretty pictures)