Artikel 8 EVRM

Artikel 8 EVRM is a temporary civic initiative refugeeshelter for young refugees under 25 with a Dublinclaim located in Amsterdam. It provides refuge for a group of 35 young guys who are lost in the failing European refugee system, being pushed around with no shelter or possibility to exert their right to shelter and safety. Vulnerable because of their young age and horrific flight journey and without a network, they are left unattended.
Amsterdam is the only city in Europe with the guts to take up a part of care, by providing some temporary shelterplaces. The waitinglist is too long thought, causing many to roam the streets.
Out of a bundle of civic initiatives a foundation has been set up: Artikel 8 EVRM after the European Convention of Human Rights (EVRM in Dutch);
Article 8 – Right to respect for private and family life:

  1. Everyone has the right to respect for his private and family life, his home and his correspondence.

The ‘Dublin Brothers’ all have a Dublin claim, which means they should ask asylum in the first European country they arrived at, usually Italy or Switserland. The Southern edges of Europe receive the highest amounts of refugees who mostly aim to travel further into mainland Europe. Due to the Dublin Convention they are appointed to seek asylum there: to wait years for a first conversation, have a slim chance of succes while living a harsh life on the streets.

There is an exception however, if they sit out a 18-month waiting period it is possible for them to ask the Dutch government to take over the procedure from the first country of arrival. What this waiting period looks like, nobody knows yet. How should municipalities best provide shelter? And for what period given the policial situation? What kind of legal support do they need? How to help them establishing self-worth in this situation? And help them cope with their trauma’s? What shape of living together is most suitable for these young guys? What is their biggest problems moving forwards?
Artikel8EVRM is co-creating a blueprint, co-designed by the boys themselves, crafted after their needs while keeping in tune with economical and societal viability. Stay tuned for how this evolves