Ivanka Annot (1988) makes social sculptures and installations in an pre-figurative artist practice, prefiguring the future society she’d like to see through a challenging of authorities, canons and norms

The social sculptures raise civil movements that are set out to create humanizing structures for society. Through the co-creation of common spaces outside of the public, the private and the market, Ivanka encourages the emergence of new forms of social politics.

In these spaces forms of direct democracy, exchange of knowledge and an all-round DIY sustainability practice combine with large scale civiv collaboration to envision and test alternatives ultimately in search of social and economical justice.

Ivanka’s solo installations are a scouring clash of ethics and aesthetics that discus the politics of social value. Through a dive into social critique on topics of nation states, freedom of movement and expression, and economic systems, the works submerge at a transformation towards transnational collectivity and courage.